PKP Utrzymanie sp. z o.o.


PKP Utrzymanie is the largest provider of telecommunications equipment maintenances services dedicated to companies operating in railway sector in Poland.

The main task of the Company is carrying out operations related to maintenance of telecoms lines, wireless telecommunication equipment, radio communication equipment and special purpose equipment – related mostly to railway traffic management and systems of dynamic passenger information. In addition, PKP Utrzymanie provides operator services: analogue connections lease, collocation, removal of collisions with the existing telecommunications railway infrastructure and enforcing agreements on technical documentation and carrying out business intelligence.

PKP Utrzymanie personnel, owing to continuous development and experience gained during long-term relations with railway sector has unique knowledge on providing efficiency of railway telecommunication networks and systems, including those having impact on railway traffic and its safety.


PKP Utrzymanie was created in April 2014 as a result of separation from TK Telekom Spółka z o.o. of an organized part of the company focused on maintenance of efficiency of telecommunication devices used for maintaining safety of railway traffic.

The central unit of the company is located in Warsaw. Territorial agendas (Regions) have seats in 8 Polish cities: Warsaw, Lublin, Kraków, Katowice, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań and Szczecin. Currently employment level amounts to 470 persons. 440 employees deal with technical service. They are organized in 73 technical crews, equipped with more than 100 maintenance vehicles, necessary measuring equipment and specialist tools.


The scope of services provided by PKP Maintenance includes:

  • management, maintenance and supervision over infrastructure related to telecommunication lines, including: local and long-distance copper cables and cable ducting,
  • removal of failures and effects of events related to disturbance in correct functioning of copper cables constituting property of the Company i.e. removing the effects of theft, devastation etc.,
  • maintaining full operation of radio communication in railway frequency band 150 MHz for PKP PLK, companies of PKP Group and other external entities providing services related to railway infrastructure, with particular focus on ensuring proper and reliable operation of RADIOSTOP system,
  • monitoring of technical condition and efficiency and maintenance of devices of traffic communication associated with controlling railway traffic and handling information service for the passengers at the stations, depots and railway stops,
  • drawing conclusions and preparation and participation in implementation of activities with regard to modernization of the existing telecommunication infrastructure and investment projects in this field,
  • enforcing technical documentation concerning construction works conducted at the railway areas and setting conditions of their implementation near the railway telecommunications infrastructure,
  • removal of collisions related to own and belonging to other companies telecommunication infrastructure erected directly at the railway area,
  • lease service of analogue connections at the area of the entire country,
  • provision of specialized services for the needs of railway traffic management.


PKP Utrzymanie sp. z o.o.  
Targowa 74
03-734 Warszawa
+48 22 16 27 900
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Mailing address:
Stefana Okrzei 1A
03-715 Warsaw

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