About us


We invest in future.

As a result of modernisation activities we:

  • Improve travel comfort
  • Improve the appearance of infrastructure elements
  • Shorten travel time
  • Raise safety standards
  • Protect the natural environment
  • Make life easier for road users by constructing
    two-level crossings

Do you want to see what and where we change?
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We are responsible for the timetable construction for passenger, freight and special-purpose trains, which is prepared at the request and in line with the guidelines provided by our customers - railway undertakings.

In 2021  1 665 423 passenger trains and 445 809 freight trains travelled their routes on the Polish railway tracks.

To correlate such a high number of connections we use an electronic system for the timetable construction - SKRJ, which has been the only tool in the process of the timetable planning since 2013.

Trying to respond to Passengers' needs we also provide our ready-made product in the form of the Passenger Portal.

Thanks to the connection search engine, network and poster timetables published on the Internet website we make it possible to obtain access to the data that are always up-to-date.



We have been carrying out a social campaign entitled Bezpieczny przejazd [Safe rail-road level crossing] since 2005. Its main objectives consist in:

  • raising awareness about the threats arising from carelessness on the railroad crossings and railway areas
  • drawing the attention towards the significance of being extremely cautious and complying with the traffic regulations
  • minimalizing the number of life-threatening events on the railroad crossings and railway areas
  • shaping socially-desired behaviors and attitudes

We encourage you to get acquainted with our campaign and the way we work at the campaign website:


At the same time we must live up to our own standards. Replacement and modernisation of traffic control equipment, installation of new points, purchase of simulators or offering training for rail traffic controllers and people responsible for safety is only a part of our safety improvement program on a broad basis.

We know that human life depends on our engagement and professionalism, therefore we perform our professional duties in accordance with applicable procedures and utmost care.

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. become the laureate of the “Kultura bezpieczeństwa w transporcie kolejowym” [Safety Culture in Rail Transport] competition for social campaign Bezpieczny przejazd [Safe rail-road level crossing]

Brązowy Spinacz [Bronze Clip] award as part of the "Złote Spinacze" [Golden Clips] competition, conducted by the Public Relations Companies Association - for "Locomotive versus car" project

Awards in the “Kultura bezpieczeństwa w transporcie kolejowym” [Safety Culture in Rail Transport] competition - an award for the #ŻółtaNaklejkaPLK project in "system solution" category and audience award

The social campaign “Safe railroad level crossing...”was awarded in international competition in the Public Relation industry – SABRE Awards 2021 (Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation & Engagement). The project "#YellowSticker that saves lives" won in the regional category: The Baltic.

In September 2021, the "Safe railroad level crossing" campaign was awarded one of the world's leading marketing awards - Stevie® Awards: bronze statuette in the category "Communications or PR Campaign of the Year - Public Service" for promoting safety with the #YellowSticker.

In September 2021 the “Safe railroad level crossing” campaign was awarded in the Wings PR competition promoting an innovative, creative and ethical approach to communication and public relations. The #YellowSticker project - the first sticker that saves human life, won in the "CSR - The greatest social impact" category.

Infrastructure maintenance

18 570 km of railway lines

11 671 level crossings

5 274 buildings of technical posts

38 256 points of infrastructure

25 117 engineering

16 682 structures (umbrella roofs, platforms, acoustic screens)

Data valid as of 31.12.2021

Railway traffic management

The 'brain' of the transport system is the Railway Traffic Management Centre directly responsible for the correct run of trains within the country and on trans-border routes.

The Centre also supervises operation in emergency situations and controls traffic of technical maintenance services.

On average, within 24 hours, over 5290 passenger and freight trains travel on the Polish railway tracks*.

Every day approx. 1700 people watch over the traffic flow on railway tracks. They are under the charge of approx. 100 traffic train dispatchers.

Almost 119 passenger and freight railway undertakings take advantage of our services.

* this number does not take into account special-purpose trains, maintenance and repair trains, locomotive shunting, technical runs


The mission of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., a company with majority stock held by the State Treasury is to create the best conditions possible for providing transportation services for the country by:

  • ensuring proper level of safety,
  • reliability of services,
  • respect to the natural environment,
  • providing access to railway lines to passenger and freight railway undertakings on equal and non-discriminatory terms,
  • ensuring a high standard of information on passenger trains traffic,
  • acting to increase accessibility,
  • attractiveness and reliability of railway transport.

The Company successfully combines a tradition with the use of latest solutions and technologies.

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. is a modern employer applying the highest work standards by:

  • hiring specialists, who are experts in fields required for the completion of the company's tasks,
  • motivating and creating conditions for the improvement of qualifications by employees, continuous and conscious development of their knowledge and competences.

PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. aims at balancing its financial result by activities to reduce costs.


The national railway line network will be an important element of the transportation system in Poland and Europe, and its Manager - PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. - will ensure the highest quality services to railway undertakings by taking care of passengers, consignors, and consignees satisfaction.

The railway infrastructure will be modernised and developed with the use of new technologies and respect to the natural environment as well as with care for railway traffic safety in accordance with the European standards.

Consistently fulfilling the role of an accountable, well-organised and managed company will allow us to reach the condition, in which all employees will keep identifying themselves with the company goals and in pursuing these goals they will be guided by the principles of cost effectiveness, entrepreneurship and flexible approach to the changing environment.



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