The Company Headquarters consists of specialised organisational units which provide material&substantive support for the Company's Management Board. It is here where all plans and strategies related to all aspects of the Company's operations are created.

Investment Implementation Centre

The task of the Investment Implementation Centre is to manage the implementation of investment projects - fulfilling the function of the investor and ensuring the investor supervision. Further, this entity, among others, develops material and financial plans as well as project schedules, carries out tendering procedures and deals with matters related to the environmental protection.

Railway Lines Plants

The goals of these units is to ensure maintenance and operation of the railway infrastructure in a condition that guarantees its technical and operational efficiency and expected reliability, as well as:
- operation of train traffic ensuring regularity, punctuality and safety of railway traffic,
- removing the effects of accidents and events on railway lines,
- administering and operation of the railway infrastructure in order to make it available to railway undertakings.

Railway Traffic Management Centre

The aim of the centre is to supervise and direct train traffic and, register operational activities executed on railway lines, as well as to organise, supervise and coordinate activities in critical situations, including fulfilling the function of the Crisis Management Centre. Railway Traffic Management Centre develops and coordinates the process of railway timetables construction and catalogue paths offered by the Company, and also assesses the implementation of the timetable by the Company's organisational units.

Track Machinery Plant performs tasks related to manufacture, repair and technical operation of machines and equipment for railway track works, and also deals with their administration and operation.

Diagnostic Centre fulfils a very important role consisting in watching over the safety of railway transportation. The Centre performs diagnostic tests, collects and processes the results of railway infrastructure elements diagnostics, supervises welding processes on the railway superstructure and performs technical commissioning of permanent way materials.
Diagnostic activities cover the entire network of railway lines.

Infrastructure Repair Company provides services in the field of major repairs and comprehensive modernization of railway infrastructure along with accompanying facilities and ongoing maintenance of this infrastructure.

Railway Security Guard

The task of the Railway Security Guard is to protect the health and life of people and property in the railway area, as well as to monitor compliance with the regulatory provisions applicable in the railway area.
Railway Security Guard officers carry out activities on railway tracks, stations, and railway terminals, as well as on trains and other railway vehicles.